Does the LockDown Browser 2.0 Lab Edition for Mac support silent or unattended installs?
Posted by Scott Maxwell, Last modified by Scott Maxwell on 05 May 2017 12:01 PM

Once LockDown Browser 2.0 Lab Edition for Mac has been installed on one Mac computer, the app can be copied or pushed to other Macs across a network, or deployed with desktop management systems such as Apple Remote Desktop, JAMF Casper Suite, Cisco Meraki, Filewave, LanDesk, etc.

The recommended steps are:

1. Download the LockDown Browser 2.0 Lab Edition for Mac installer from the Respondus Administrator Area.

2. Install LockDown Browser-Mac Lab Edition on at least one Mac.

3. Start LockDown Browser-Mac Lab Edition and then close the browser, to verify the installation.

4. Copy the LockDown Browser app in Finder->Applications to other Macs in your network, placing the app in the Finder->Applications folder on those computers.

Note: Do not use desktop management systems to run the LockDown Browser installer. Instead, install LockDown Browser-Mac Lab Edition at least one time then copy/push/deploy the installed LockDown Browser app to other Macs.