No audio is coming from my microphone
Posted by Scott Maxwell, Last modified by Scott Maxwell on 09 January 2019 06:34 AM

If your microphone is not working correctly during a LockDown Browser session, the following steps may help resolve the problem:

1. First, reboot your computer. Once restarted, close down all applications that may use a microphone such as Skype, Facetime, Google+ and various utilities that may come with the webcam.

2. On Windows computers, start Google Chrome. If you get the webcam to work properly with Chrome, it should then work properly with LockDown Browser (they share the same plugin system). To see if the webcam is functioning properly on the computer, follow these instructions:

   a) If you don't already have Chrome installed on your computer, please download and install it:

   b) Launch Chrome and navigate to:

3. If you're on a MAC, start Google Chrome and then navigate to:

4. When the video appears, right click on the Adobe Flash module (the webcam image) and select "Settings."

5. Select the Microphone tab (second from bottom right).

6. Select the microphone and adjust the level (volume).

7. Start LockDown Browser and run the webcam check from the Webcam icon in the LockDown Browser toolbar to verify the settings.

8. If none of these recommendations help, we recommend you hook up an external microphone to your computer and try the above steps again. Most external USB webcams come with a built-in microphone, so using one of these is a good troubleshooting step.