Respondus Monitor Service Notice
Posted by Respondus Support on 25 November 2020 10:58 PM

On November 25 between the approximate times of 6am PST and 10:30pm PST, the Respondus Monitor service experienced significant slowdowns, and eventually, a total outage. This was related to service degradation and failures at the AWS data center in N Virginia.

Full details of the AWS outage can be found here -

Respondus Monitor uses several services that were directly affected by this outage, plus other services that depend on metrics from those services. As mentioned in the link above, AWS is taking steps to reduce the risk associated with interdependent AWS services. Likewise, Respondus is implementing several changes that should reduce the time to recover when a major outage occurs.

We apologize for the impact this may have caused for your institution. We are doing everything we can to learn from this event and to increase the stability of our service even further.