LockDown Browser Moodle Extension Update (Version 2018091200)
Posted by Respondus Support on 21 December 2018 11:10 AM

An update of the LockDown Browser Moodle Extension has been released: version 2018091200.

This release, which is installed by the administrator of a Moodle server, uses an "auto launch" feature for the LockDown Browser client, rather than the "manual launch" method used previously.  To transition to the new "auto launch" integration, two things must happen:

 - The administrator for the LockDown Browser license must install the new extension to the Moodle server (version 2018091200)

 - The LockDown Browser client must be at least version for the Windows version, and for the Mac version.

 Administrators can obtain the updated integration by going to > Customer Login > LockDown Browser.  If there is more than one server profile for your institution, be sure to select the correct one before downloading the extension.