How to enable the Kurzweil ReadTheWeb extension
Posted by Respondus Support
LockDown Browser for Windows version and higher now offers a built-in Kurzweil ReadTheWeb extension. Students will need a valid Kurzweil account in order to take advantage of this feature.  This extension includes the "read web page," "move cursor forward,"  and "move cursor back" features.

To turn the extension on, open LockDown Browser for Windows, and click the "i" icon in the toolbar, then select the button titled "Open Extensions Manager."

"i" icon in the LockDown Browser toolbar

Select "on" for the Kurzweil extension, and click "apply."

Extension turned on

A Kurzweil pop-up window will appear, where you will need to enter valid credentials for your Kurzweil account.

Kurweil logon window

After a successful logon, the ReadTheWeb extension will be available to use during your LockDown Browser session.

Kurzweil toolbar

Students can hide the extension toolbar by clicking the [x] on the Kurzweil toolbar window, or the Kurzweil icon on the main LockDown Browser toolbar.  Students can display the extension again by clicking the Kurzweil icon on the LockDown Browser toolbar.

The Kurzweil extension will need to be enabled, as needed, for each LockDown Browser session. Students will need to log in to Kurzweil each time they desire to use the extension.