Respondus LockDown Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
Posted by Respondus Support
The following is a list of Respondus LockDown Browser keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS that may assist students with disabilities. Although many of the below shortcuts work within standard web browsers, some are unique to Respondus LockDown Browser.

Action Windows macOS
Quit the application Alt + F4
Switch to the next tab Ctrl + PgDown Shift + Command + ]
Switch to the previous tab Ctrl + PgUp Shift + Command + [
Close Tab Ctrl + W Command + W
Navigation back (Previous webpage) Alt + Left Arrow Alt + Left Arrow
Navigation forward (Next webpage) Alt + Right Arrow Alt + Right Arrow
Reload the current page F5 F5
Stop the page loading ESC ESC
Information dialog F1 Alt + I
Symbol keyboard Alt + K Alt + K
Calculator Alt + C Alt + C
Print Page Ctrl + P Ctrl + P
Help Center Alt + h Alt + h
Browse clickable items (forward) Tab Tab
Browse clickable items (backward) Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Zoom In Ctrl and + Command and +
Zoom Out Ctrl and - Command and -
Reset Zoom Ctrl + 0 Command + 0