Retrieving questions from D2L Brightspace Quizzes
Posted by Respondus Support

It is recommended to use Respondus->Retrieval->Retrieve Questions to directly retrieve questions from a D2L Brightspace course into a Respondus file. However, issues with authentication into the LMS might interfere with the question retrieval.

You can export a single D2L Brightspace quiz as a D2L QTI XML file, which based on IMS QTI 1.2, for import into Respondus through the IMS QTI personality. Once the QTI file has been imported into Respondus, you can change the current personality back to D2L Brightspace or another LMS personality for publishing.

The steps are:

1. Log into your D2L Brightspace course
2. In the Brightspace course, go to Course Tools->Import/Export/Copy Components
3. Select "Export Components" followed by "Start"
4. In "Select Components to Export" select "Quizzes->Select individual items to export" followed by "Continue"
5. In "Select Quizzes to Export", expand the list, select only one quiz followed by "Continue"
6. In "Confirm Components to Export", click "Export"
7. Download the zip file when notified in "Update alerts"
8. After downloading the file, unzip or extract the zip file into a folder.
9. Start Respondus 4.0
10. In Respondus->Start->Current Personality, select "IMS QTI"
11. Go to Respondus->Start->Import Questions.
12. In Import Questions->File Name:->Browse, select "IMS QTI questions (.xml, .qti)" in the lower left.
13. Locate the folder containing the extracted files.
14. Select the "quiz_d2l_xxxxx.xml" and complete the import process.
15. Go back to Respondus->Start->Current Personality to change back to "D2L Brightspace" or other LMS.

Note: Quizzes with sections or random sections along with questions banks may not export in the correct format for import into Respondus 4.0. The user may need to create a new blank quiz and copy the individual questions into the new quiz with no sections.