Exam title states a webcam must be used, but the exam settings don't indicate its selected
Posted by Respondus Support
This error indicates there is either a problem with the exam's title, the exam's settings, or possibly with the navigational route the student is taking to the exam.

* The instructor should open the LockDown Browser Dashboard tool for the course and ensure no errors appear for the exam in question.  The opening of the tool for the course may resolve the problem. The course (or quiz) may be a copy, and hasn't yet had the LockDown Browser Dashboard opened for it. This is an LTI requirement after a copy is performed, otherwise the course and/or quiz is unknown to our servers.

* If requiring Respondus Monitor for the exam, ensure that the Monitor setting is enabled for the quiz. ("Required" should show up in the Monitor column of the LockDown Browser Dashboard)

* For Canvas and D2L Brightspace: if Monitor is required, the exam's title must end with:
"- Requires Respondus LockDown Browser + Webcam". 

If it does not have that exact string, or something appears after that string, this could be the source of the problem.

* For Blackboard Learn:  if Monitor is required, the exam's title must be in this format: 
QuizName (**Webcam**) - Requires Respondus LockDown Browser

* If Respondus Monitor is not meant to be enabled for the quiz, make sure that the word "webcam" does not appear anywhere in the quiz title.

* If the problem persists after performing the steps, then ensure the student is logging in to your LMS, then navigating first to the course, then to the quiz, avoiding all reminder and notification links to the quiz.

* Students will also need to ensure that their computer/network permits access to the Respondus Monitor server. One way to check this is to open LockDown Browser, log in, and navigate to a course. If the student sees the "Help Center" icon in the LockDown Browser toolbar, then access to the Respondus Monitor server is likely not being blocked.