Subdomain Support for Instructure Canvas
Posted by Respondus Support
If you use Instructure Canvas as your LMS, LockDown Browser now supports the use of multiple LMS domains. Many institutions use a "vanity URL" for students to access their system.

For this to work, your designated Respondus admin needs to specify the necessary domains in the "Additional Subdomains" field of the Respondus server profile. 

additional subdomain setting

Domains should be separated by a comma, and cannot be the same root domain that is already being used in the Respondus server profile, nor any SSO / authentication servers.


To modify the Respondus server profile, log in to the Respondus Admin Area at:

Once logged in, select "LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor" > Control Panel, then click "modify settings" for the relevant profile.
Students will also need to use LockDown Browser version or newer (Windows and Mac), and LockDown Browser for iPad version 8.5 or newer.

This feature is only available for Instructure Canvas.