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IP Addresses and Ports for Respondus Monitor
Posted by Respondus Support
This article was last updated on:  12/7/2020

The following addresses and ports are used by the Windows and Mac versions of LockDown Browser when using Respondus Monitor:

At least one of the following must be allowed for these addresses:

1) Outgoing TCP to port 1935

2) Outgoing UDP to ports 6970-9999

We recommend allowing both methods. By default, our media servers offer both connection methods and the LockDown Browser clients pick the best one.

Depending on the NAT type used, outgoing UDP packets may be able to reach our media servers, but it may not be possible for returning UDP packets to make it back to the LockDown Browser client. In this case, the connection will fail and the user will be presented with an error and a "try again" button. If the "try again" button is used, then only the TCP connection method is tried and if the user successfully completes the startup sequence using only TCP after initially failing to connect, then all future connections attempts behind the same NAT (for all users) will always use TCP.


The following addresses and ports are used by LockDown Browser for iPad when using Respondus Monitor:

Outgoing TCP to port 80 and 1935