Spinning Wheel During Webcam Check
Posted by Respondus Support
spinning wheel panorama

f you encounter either of the above "spinning wheel" errors (and blanked out frame where your webcam image should be), the first thing you should do is ensure you are using the latest version of LockDown Browser that is available. For Windows users, this is currently version, and for Mac it is You can check your installed version and upgrade using the method described in this article.

For Mac users, you should read this article to adjust your camera privacy settings.

For Windows users, if you are already using version and are experiencing the "spinning wheel", you should then check whether you've enabled the correct privacy settings for your camera and microphone. These types of settings exist both in the Windows operating system, and possibly also in any camera utilities or anti-virus software that may be installed on your computer.

To check the settings on the Windows 10 operating system level, go into camera privacy settings, as shown in this photo:

Camera privacy settings

Once on the privacy settings page, scroll down and look for the desktop apps permission, and make sure it's set to "on" and that LockDown Browser shows up, as in this photo:

desktop permissions

You should also do the same for your microphone, by navigating to "Microphone Privacy Settings."

Microphone privacy settings

If you are not seeing the above "Desktop apps" permissions, it's likely because you are running an older build of Windows 10. If so, the necessary permissions are probably enabled by default (just not being displayed).

We also recommend that you check similar camera privacy settings in camera utilities or anti-virus software that may be installed on your computer.

If the above settings look correct on your computer, it's possible that another application on the computer has taken hold of your webcam or microphone, and because of this they are not available to LockDown Browser. This could be true regardless of whether you are using a Windows or a Mac computer.  One example of this type of application would be Mediasite Desktop Recorder. You'll need to manually terminate apps like this before starting LockDown Browser. 

1) Exit LockDown Browser
2) If you are on Windows, press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open the Windows Task Manager. If you are on Mac OS open the activity monitor from the applications folder.
3) Close any applications that could be using or blocking access to your webcam.
4) Close the Task Manager/Activity Monitor and start LockDown Browser again, then attempt your exam.

If you are unable to identify and terminate the application that is causing the problem, you'll probably need to locate a different computer to take your exam.

Finally, one potential workaround to this error may be to use an external USB webcam with built-in microphone.