Accessing the Test Bank Network
Posted by Respondus Support
As the Respondus Test Bank Network is now "cloud-based" and initially requires Internet access, permissions, security settings or a firewall might block access.

To access the Internet and the Respondus Test Bank Network, Respondus uses the several Windows Internet and browser system components. In some cases, incorrect Internet settings in Windows on the local computer was causing problems with Respondus accessing the network.

Several faculty have reported doing a "reset" of Windows Control Panel->Internet Options->Advanced tab->"Reset... resolved a number of issues for them. While the "Reset" indicates Internet Explorer, it also applies to any Windows applications that use the Windows Internet system components.

As a next step, we recommend relaxing any security settings to "medium", add "respond.exe" as a "trusted application" along with "", "", "" and "" as "trusted domains" in any security software.

Next, please verify the Windows user has full read/write access to the Respondus Projects folder and the folder is not located on a network drive or connected to a "cloud drive" (MS OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, etc.)

Some instructors found the Internet components used by Respondus were corrupted by other software. By re-installing Respondus 4.0 including creating a new Respondus Projects folder in the Windows user's "My Documents" folder, they were able to regain access to the Respondus Test Bank Network.

If there are still issues connecting to the Respondus Test Bank Network, the following domains may need to be included in any security software, firewall or network router:

When first registering a test bank on the Respondus Test Bank Network, Respondus will download a local copy of the test bank in the background. One alternative is install Respondus 4.0 on another system, preferably one that is on another network such as a notebook computer that can connect to different networks. Once Respondus 4.0 is installed, register the test bank and allow Respondus to download a local copy in the background. The Respondus Archive Wizard can be used to archive the entire test bank folder (archive the entire folder, not each chapter) and move the Respondus ".rsa" archive file to the original system.