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How does the optional setting in Respondus Monitor work?
Posted by Respondus Support
With Respondus Monitor, exams can be set up to allow students a choice of taking tests with a webcam and LockDown Browser, or in a proctored environment with LockDown Browser. Here's how it works.

* Set up your test and require LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor in the LockDown Browser Dashboard
* Expand the Advanced Settings, below the Respondus Monitor settings

* Select the option,
* Create a password, or access code
* Provide the password to the proctor or testing center. Never give the password directly to a student. 
* When a student begins a test with this setting applied, they will see an initial screen (see below) that allows them to select if they have a webcam or if they are at a proctored location.
-- If the student selects to use a webcam, they will then need to complete the Webcam Check and other Startup Sequence items before starting the test.
-- If the student selects a proctored location, they will be prompted for a password. The proctor then enters the password and the student can start the test.

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