Shared Network Folders and Cloud Drives with Respondus 4.0
Posted by Respondus Support
Shared network folders and cloud drives are not compatible with Respondus 4.0.

This includes Cloud Services such as, Microsoft OneDrive and Apple iCloud Drive mapped to the local "C:\" drive:

The Respondus Projects folder should be located on the local drive, preferably the user's Documents folder, such as C:\Users\{user}\Documents\Respondus Projects\

For any could service with automatic synchronization of files to the cloud drive,  the local  C: drive must be "unlinked" so the Respondus Projects folder actually resides on the local drive.

When importing files through Respondus->Start->Import Questions, Word files and text files with image files should be located in an actual folder on the local drive, not a mapped shared folder on a network drive or cloud drive.