Error Creating Printer Component
Posted by Respondus Support

If you encounter the above error when attempting to print or save an exam, please first try performing a reinstall of Respondus 4.0. It's possible that the original install is corrupted, with missing printer components.

If the reinstall does not solve the problem,  the error may be an indication of non-printing content in the retrieved exam such as a link to an image on an external web site or a media clip. As a troubleshooting step, you should open the sample World History Respondus file and use either Print Options->"Print Preview", "Save to File" or "Send to Printer".  If the same error does not occur, then it's likely your exam has problematic content.

For the file you're trying to print, try using Respondus->File->Cleanup HTML Tool->"Remove all HTML commands except basic formatting and tables". This step will strip out all the links to images on other sites and media files. Then use Print Options->"Save to file"->"Word .doc" to edit the file in Word, re-adding any missing printable components.