Formatting numbers in the LockDown Browser secure spreadsheet tool.
Posted by Respondus Support
The secure spreadsheet tool in LockDown Browser is intended to provide the prime purpose of a spreadsheet to organize, manipulate and manage tablular data.

To format the data with a set number of decimal points, the student can use the "=TEXT(value, format_text)" function such as "=TEXT(B1,"0.00")" or the "=ROUND(value, digits)" function such as ""=ROUND(F5, 2)". They can also use a number of other text-based and number-based functions such as DOLLAR, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, FIXED and TRIM.

As an alternative, the student can copy and paste the values from the spreadsheet into an essay question and use LMS essay question rich text editor to finish formatting the values. The copy/paste keyboard shortcuts are available between the browser tab displaying the exam and the browser tab displaying the spreadsheet.