No Playable Sources Found
Posted by Respondus Support

If you encounter the above error when attempting to view student videos via the Google Chrome browser, please follow these steps to set the necessary Flash permissions.

Step 1: In Google Chrome, open the LockDown Browser Dashboard and access the video which displays the “no playable sources” error.

Step 2: Click on the “lock” icon in the URL window

Step 3: Select “Site Settings”

Step 4: In the Settings, choose “Flash” and then click on the pull down arrow and select “Allow”. This will permit Flash to access your domain. Once you make this setting, simply close the tab. There is no “save” button that can be used on this step.

Step 5: Reload the LockDown Browser Dashboard for the course and access the video again. The error should no longer appear, and you should be able to view the student’s video. This change should positively impact all videos for all courses.