Siri detected as running on Mac
Posted by Respondus Support

If either of the above messages is received when starting LockDown Browser for Mac, it indicates that Siri has been detected as running on the computer. As Siri is not permitted to run during a LockDown Browser session, it will be necessary for you to click on the "kill these applications" button.

If this button fails to close Siri, it indicates you might not be logged in as the primary user, who is also the administrator of the system. The "primary user" is the person who initially installed MacOS Sierra or MacOS High Sierra (or initially set up a new Mac).

The first thing to do is to try clicking the "Kill Applications" button repeatedly, as this has been shown to close down all running Siri processes.
If your Mac has two or more accounts, please verify the other accounts are not active by clicking on the user's name in the upper right side of the menu bar.

In the long term, we suggest the following steps:

1. Go to Mac->System Preferences->Siri->"Siri Suggestions & Privacy" to uncheck any selected apps in the list, click "Done".
2. Go to Mac->System Preferences->Siri to uncheck (disable) "Enable Ask Siri" and uncheck "Show Siri in menu bar"
3. Go to Mac->System Preferences->Users & Groups->"user"->"Login Items", highlight any items and click the "-" to remove them from automatically opening.
3. Close down all other apps.
4. Restart the the Mac.
5. Immediately go to Finder->Applications to start LockDown Browser (do not start any other app or do any searching in the Finder)

If the student still gets a prompt about "siriknowledged", they can follow the steps as seen in this screen capture:
1. Go to Finder->Applications->Utilities->Activity Monitor and start the app
2. In the View menu select "All Processes"
3. Locate and highlight "siriknowledged"
4. Click the "circle x" in the upper left.
5. Click "Force Quit" to close the process.