I'm having problems accessing a Respondus-compatible test bank for a textbook I adopted from a publisher.
Posted by Respondus Support

Publishers make test banks available in formats compatible with various Respondus applications. The publisher provides a File Code and Password that enables an instructor to access test banks using their Respondus 4 and Respondus LE software. If you received a file code and password from a publisher and you are having difficulty accessing the Respondus-compatible test bank, please read the following:

* Be sure you are running the latest version of each application, and minimally, the versions listed here: Respondus 4.0.3+, and Respondus LE 3.0. To make sure your version is current, start the application, select "Help" from the menu bar, and select "Check for Update." 

* Make sure your connection to the Internet is working properly. This can be easily checked by opening a web browser and going to various web sites.

* If this is your first time using a Respondus-compatible test bank, we recommend that you view the demo movies for the “Respondus Test Bank Network” located at http://www.respondus.com/products/demos-tbn.shtml

* If the Respondus 4 software indicates that the file code or password is incorrect, carefully check the information you've entered. If time has elapsed since you received the information from the publisher, request that the test bank information be sent to you again (it's possible that the file code or password has changed since the time you received it).

If you are unable to access a publisher test bank and you are sure that the information being entered into the Respondus 4 application is both current and correct, then create a support ticket and provide complete details regarding the problem. Include all information that was provided to you by the publisher, including the file code and password.

An Additional Note for Network Administrators

For Respondus 4, Respondus LE users, a connection problem may be due to a network connection problem. The following information might be helpful to you or your network administrator.

* Respondus 4 and Respondus LE use the Internet Library in Internet Explorer to connect with external web sites. From a technical standpoint, if Internet Explorer is able to access external web sites, such as www.respondus.com, Respondus 4 should be able to access them too. Respondus 4 makes a standard HTTP request over port 80 to retrieve a test bank from a designated web server.

* It's possible that there is a broader problem whereby the software isn't being given access to the Internet. You may need to change firewall settings to allow the Respondus 4 application to access the Internet.

* For Respondus LE users, if your institution is running a proxy web server that requires authentication for off-campus sites, it may be necessary to add a list of servers used by the Respondus Test Bank Network to your 'no authentication required' list. First, to see if this is the source of the problem, go to the Help menu in Respondus LE  and select "Check for Update." If the Check for Update works properly, this is NOT the source of the problem. But if the Check for Update fails, and you are running a proxy server that requires authentication for off-campus sites, have your network administrator contact the Support Group at Respondus 4 to get a list of the servers that need to be added to the 'no authentication required' list.