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I entered the 30-day activation password but Respondus 4 indicates that it is incorrect. [30-day trial]
Posted by Respondus Support

If your institution has a campus-wide site license for Respondus 4, you are likely encountering this problem because you are trying to use a campus-wide password with the standard version of Respondus 4 available from our website. What you need to do is contact the authorized support contact at your institution to obtain the campus-wide version of Respondus 4 that was supplied to your institution. Your activation password will work with that version of the software.

If you downloaded the single-user version of Respondus 4 from our website, and the single-user password we sent doesn't work, it generally means that the password is intended for an installation of Respondus 4 on a different computer. A unique password is required for each installation of the Respondus 4 software even if the same installation program is used for different users on the same Windows system or is used on multiple computers. When the Respondus 4 software is started for the first time, it will display a unique Product ID. Go to the registration section of and enter the product number when prompted. The password for that particular installation of Respondus 4 will be e-mailed to you.