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Does the new StudyMate support Blackboard's master/child class structure?
Posted by Respondus Support

No. The Master/child class structure is not supported in StudyMate.

Students enrolled in the master class will always be able to view StudyMate content. However, students enrolled only in a child class will be unable to automatically view this same content. This is because the StudyMate content is associated with course ID's. Because the master and child classes do not share the same course ID, in order for the content to be viewable, it will be necessary to manually share StudyMate projects with the child courses. Using this manual method, all content updated by the faculty will automatically propagate to the project being followed via the child class. Usage data will not appear, however.

Step 1)  The instructor clicks on the "share project" option

Step 2) The instructor obtains the link for the project and provides it to students

Step 3) The student clicks on the "Follow project" button and copies in the above link

Step 4) The project then shows up in the child class