When publishing an exam, I receive "Error Adding Questions." (Blackboard)
Posted by Respondus Support

The "Error Adding Questions" message usually indicates that there is a problem with the Blackboard server itself. Respondus 4 uses the underlying tools in Blackboard to import and export question pools. If Blackboard itself is unable to import/export a pool, Respondus 4 cannot complete the publishing or retrieval of exams.

To determine if this is the source of your problem, use a browser to create a pool within your Blackboard course. Then try to export that pool using your browser. If that works fine, try importing the pool back to your course.

If you encounter an error message during either the export or import steps, you'll know that your Blackboard server is not working properly. In that case you should contact your Blackboard administrator and explain that the importing/exporting of pools in Blackboard needs to be fixed.

If, however, you are able to export/import a pool from your Blackboard server using a standard browser, then we will need to have access to your course to see if we can identify the problem.

In that case, please submit a support ticket that includes which version of the CMS you are using. It may also be necessary to provide the information our support staff will need to connect to your online course (URL, User Name, Password, Course name). But first review the security policy for your institution since it may limit what account information can be sent to a third party.