Does the LockDown Browser 2.0 Lab Edition for Mac support silent or unattended installs?
Posted by Respondus Support

Once LockDown Browser 2.0 Lab Edition for Mac has been installed on one Mac computer, the app can be copied or pushed to other Macs across a network, or deployed with desktop management systems such as Apple Remote Desktop, JAMF Casper Suite, Cisco Meraki, Filewave, LanDesk, etc.

The recommended steps are:

1. Download the LockDown Browser 2.0 Lab Edition for Mac installer from the Respondus Administrator Area.

2. Install LockDown Browser-Mac Lab Edition on at least one Mac.

3. Start LockDown Browser-Mac Lab Edition and then close the browser, to verify the installation.

4. Copy the LockDown Browser app in Finder->Applications to other Macs in your network, placing the app in the Finder->Applications folder on those computers.

Note: Do not use desktop management systems to run the LockDown Browser installer. Instead, install LockDown Browser-Mac Lab Edition at least one time then copy/push/deploy the installed LockDown Browser app to other Macs.