After publishing an exam, odd symbols appear where apostrophes, quotation marks, or dashes should be.
Posted by Respondus Support

If you copy-and-paste text from a program like MS Word that uses "smart quotes" for apostrophes and quotation marks, these may not appear properly when they arrive to your course. Smart quotes are special symbols used by MS Word and are not always supported in web pages. The same situation can occur when importing Word documents originally created on a Mac or Linux system as word processors on both systems also process "smart quotes" differently.

The solution to this problem is to delete and retype the symbols once they are in Respondus 4 or in your online course. Another option is to first save the MS Word document to a plain text file prior to importing or copying into Respondus 4. Turning off the "smart quotes" or "smart text" feature in Word and similar word processors will minimize the situation of odd symbols.