The Installation Failed when updating LockDown Browser 2.0 for Mac
Posted by Respondus Support

When a "The Installation Failed." message appears at the end of the updating or installing LockDown Browser 2.0 for Mac, we recommend the following steps:

1. Directly log into your Mac as a user with "Allow user to administer this computer" in System Preferences->Users & Groups.
2. Drag the LockDown Browser app into the Trash
3. Locate all previously downloaded LockDown Browser installer files and drag them into the Trash.
4. Empty the Trash.
5. Restart your Mac unchecking the option to re-open any windows.
6. Download a fresh copy of LockDown Browser from your school's unique download link:

where "xxxxxxxxx" is your school's unique 9-digit Institution ID. (Do not use the web address with "xxxxxxxxx". It must be the 9-digit number provided to your institution.)

7. Re-install the browser.

If the deadline for an exam is near, you may want to consider locating another computer, Mac or Windows, with LockDown Browser. There is also LockDown Browser for iPad, if allowed by the instructor.