Manual import of Respondus 4 files into D2L Brightspace.
Posted by Respondus Support

Changes to D2L Brightspace now require extra steps when manually importing Respondus files in D2L Brightspace 10.6+ courses.

With Respondus 4.0:

1. Open Respondus and change to the "D2L Brightspace" personality.
2. Open the Respondus file and allow for any conversions.
3. Go to Respondus->Preview & Publish->Publish->Publish Wizard->"Export QTI XML for manual upload to Brightspace".
4. Select the appropriate preferences.
5. Save the file.

With D2L Brightspace

1. Login as an instructor and select a course
2. Select the "Course Admin" link
3. Click "Import/Export/Copy Components"
4. Choose "Import Components" and "from a File"; select Start
5. In Select File, add the zip package associated with this text file
6. Select Advanced Options...
7. Click Continue after the pre-processing step
8. At the Select Component to Import, check Quizzes
9. At the Import Options, locate the "Import file to:" field
10. Enter the EXACT file name of the saved zip file. **Required***
11.  Choose "Continue" three times
12. The imported quiz will be available from the Quizzes area of the course

The steps are also included in a text file with the same name as the saved zip file when using Respondus or newer.