A particular exam won't publish, but other exams are successful.
Posted by Respondus Support

If Respondus 4 is unable to publish a particular exam to your course, but other files publish fine, it generally indicates there is a problem with the original Respondus 4 file. In many cases, it is due to corrupted HTML that came across with a copy-and-paste from Word or a web page that might be removed with Respondus->File->"Clean Up HTML"

However, if there are still issues, submit a ticket to Respondus Support at: http://support.respondus.com with a copy of the Respondus 4 file and we'll take a look at it. Be sure to use the Respondus 4 Archive Wizard which is located on the Start menu.

If, however, the problem occurs with each exam you attempt to publish to the course, then the fault is with either the server settings entered into Respondus 4 or with the online course itself.

In this case please submit a support ticket that includes which version of the learning management system you are using. It may also be necessary to provide the information our support staff will need to connect to your online course (URL, User Name, Password, Course name). But first review the security policy for your institution since it may limit what account information can be sent to a third party.