Respondus 4 isn't connecting to my course during the Publish or Retrieval step.
Posted by Respondus Support

Consider the following items when troubleshooting this issue:

1) Make sure that you have selected the "user personality" in Respondus 4 that matches your learning management system. For example, if you are using Blackboard Learn 9.x, you can't have the Canvas personality selected.

2) Make sure that you are running the latest version of Respondus 4. Go to Help>Check for Update to see if you are running the latest version.

3) Make sure your connection to the Internet is working properly. (Open a web browser and go to a couple of web sites to check this.)

4) Carefully check the server settings entered into Respondus 4 for your online course (the Respondus 4 online help or user guide will be helpful in this area).

Also check the following settings:

* Make sure the URL for your server is entered properly

* Double-check the Password and User ID information. In fact, open your browser and log into your course using the identical information. This will confirm that your server is up-and-running and that your User ID and Password are correct.

* Carefully check any security software settings. We recommend adding "respond.exe" as a "trusted application" and the institution's learning management system server address as a "trusted site" in any security software settings.