Saving settings for an exam results in "Please wait" message
Posted by Respondus Support

If you see a "Please Wait" message when saving settings for an exam in the LockDown Browser Dashboard, it indicates a connectivity issue.

The first thing to check is the URL for your Learning Management System. If you have SSL enabled for your LMS (example: then you must ensure that you also have the correct URL specified in the LockDown Browser server profile. If your LockDown Browser server profile has a non-SSL URL specified (example: then the "Please Wait" message can result.

If the URL is specified correctly in your LockDown Browser server profile, the "Please Wait" message could potentially be caused by:

1) An overly long quiz title. Most Learning Management Systems have a character limit for quiz titles. For most LMS's, when LockDown Browser is required for a quiz, an amendment is added to the quiz title which reads "-Requires Respondus LockDown Browser".  It's possible that your quiz title, along with the title amendment we add, has caused you to exceed the limit set by your LMS.  We recommend keeping quiz titles as short as possible.

2) A temporary break in the connection to our Respondus servers.

3) For Blackboard customers, the behavior can result when the version of the LockDown Browser building block you have installed is not compatible with the version of Blackboard you have installed. In come cases, the integration test will yield positive results, but in reality your B2 is not compatible. Updating to the most current version of the building block is then necessary to correct this problem.

4) For Canvas customers: this problem can occur when you have a quiz or course that is in a locked state due to the Canvas Blueprint functionality.  If so, the only way to work around the problem is to unlock the quiz so that communication to our server can be achieved.
A quiz's locked status is controlled by the 'parent' Blueprint course, which is where associated Blueprint courses receive its course content from. So, the only way to unlock a quiz is to change the lock status in the parent Blueprint course. You may need to seek assistance from someone at your institution who manages the Blueprint course.

5) The language setting in your LMS. Try changing the language to see if this makes things work better.