Schoology: "1001:One or more parameter missing" when launching the LockDown Browser Dashboard
Posted by Respondus Support

The 1001 error can sometimes occur if your LockDown Browser App is not configured properly. The first thing to check is that you have configured the app, copying/pasting the correct data for each field. This includes:

* Consumer Key

* Shared Secret

* Customer Parameters.  (This last one is overlooked, and if not included can result in the error).

Next, you need to ensure that the app is set to be used by "course admins" only. To correct this, the simplest method is to delete the app, and reinstall. This will trigger the necessary pop-up window.  Otherwise, they can also:

* go to the "app center" and in the "Type" pulldown, select "LTI App"

* select "LockDown Browser," then click on "install LTI app."

* select "add to organization"

* select "manage installs"

* select "course admins only" and submit.