Blackboard - The LockDown Browser Dashboard Doesn't open for One Course
Posted by Respondus Support

Symptom: For one course, loading the Dashboard produces a STOP sign error with the text: "Unexpected Error. Please contact the system administrator".

For Blackboard Learn Original View Courses:

First, ensure that none of the exams have passwords that use unsupported characters. For example, a password containing Chinese characters is not supported, and can prevent the LockDown Browser Dashboard from opening.

If you find this not to be the source of the problem, you should then investigate a possible corruption of the underlying data file associated with the Dashboard. This can occur from a course copy or restore of a much older course archive.

We recommend the Blackboard system administrator (with system level access), go into the Blackboard server at the system level and rename or move the "lockdown_browser_settings_do_not_delete" file from the system level "PPG" folder for the specific course.

For example, this is a path on one of our test servers:


where "TEST002" is the course ID of the course. Please be aware that the starting path will be different on your server and folder naming mighty be slightly different with the version of Blackboard Learn.

Once the system administrator renames or moves the "lockdown_browser_settings_do_not_delete" file, the instructor will need to navigate to the course and launch the Dashboard to generate a new underlying settings file and verify all the tests have the LockDown Browser requirement.

For Blackboard Ultra environments:

If the Dashboard loads successfully for all courses but one, the very first thing to inspect are the quiz titles. If any of them have special characters (icons, photos, emoticons, etc.) this will prevent the LockDown Browser Dashboard from opening. Please remove all such special characters, and try opening the Dashboard again.

Also, both of the following should be checked:

In Blackboard Ultra->Administrator Tools->"Users: Customize User Information"->"User Information Fields" verify "Username" is checked in the "Display" column along with "First Name" and "Last Name"

Also, it's essential that the user be set to "available" for the integration to work. To check this:

* go to:  Administrator Panel > Users
* Search for the user and ensure the "status" column shows that user as being available. A red "x" indicates they are unavailable.