Blackboard SaaS Building Block Instructions
Posted by Respondus Support

When using Blackboard's SaaS system, the Respondus LockDown Browser building block no longer needs to be installed. Rather, it just needs to be configured.

To do this:

1) The designated Respondus administrator should go to and click on "customer login" in the upper right. Then navigate to LockDown Browser > Control Panel. 

2) Click on the link titled "Create New Server Profile" and establish a new Respondus server profile for the SaaS system.

3) Once the server profile is complete, navigate back to your listing of profiles, and under the new profile click on the link that is titled:  "Download Settings File for installed Building Block for Blackboard Learn"

4) Apply the settings from that link to the building block in your SaaS system.  While the institution ID remains the same as your previous LockDown Browser building blocks, the "profile name" and "shared secret" will be unique to this new server. You cannot configure your SaaS building block using values from other Respondus server profiles.
5) Go to System Admin->Course Settings->Course Tools to enable the tool for both new and existing courses. Or faculty can do the same from inside their own courses.