Is there a way to assign new point values to questions in a Respondus 4 file without having to "modify" each question from the Edit menu?
Posted by Respondus Support

If you are importing questions from a text file, or if the questions are being created new, go to the File menu, select Preferences, and change the default setting for point values to any number you prefer.

With Respondus 4, there is an optional "Points:" that can be included in the import file. Once added to a question, the point value will be uses for all following questions in the import file until a new "Points:" value is specified.

However, if the questions are already in Respondus 4, you can use the Exam Wizard (on the Start menu) to assign point values by question type (e.g., all multiple choice questions can be assigned 2 points, all short answer questions 5 points, all paragraph questions 10 points, etc.), or you can change the point values for individual questions just by editing the "points" column. In the latter case, these are the steps to follow:

1. Select the "Exam Wizard" from the Start menu.

2. Select the option to "Create a new exam and copy questions to it..."

3. Provide a name and description for the new exam that will be created (this process actually requires you to create a new exam file that will contain questions with the desired point values).

4. When prompted to select a file, select the file in which you want to modify the point values. Click [Next] to continue.

5. Select the file again from the "Source File" pull-down list that appears.

6. The table then indicates the number of questions available for each question type. Let's say there are 50 multiple choice questions in the source file and you want to change the point values for each of these questions to 2. Start by typing 50 in the "Number to select" field (this will select all 50 questions) and then type "2" in the "Points per question" column. Repeat this for each question type. Any question types not assigned a new point value will retain their original values.

7. When you are finished assigning point values, click the [Add to End of List] button. This will copy all the questions from the top grid to the lower grid. Notice that the "Points" column reflects the new point values selected.

8. To modify individual point values in the lower list, click within the "Points" field for a given question and enter a new value. Click [Next] to complete the copying of the questions to the new file. The new file will have the desired point values.