Manual Import of Respondus 4 files into Instructure Canvas
Posted by Respondus Support

Faculty can manually publish a Respondus file to a Canvas course as follows:

1. Go to Respondus->Start and change the "Current Personality:" to "IMS QTI"
2. Open the Respondus file and accept any prompts to convert the file.
3. Go to Respondus->Preview & Publish->"Save QTI XML File".
4. Save the file with the File Format option "QTI XML zip file using IMS Content Packaging".
5. Log into your Canvas course with a web browser.
6. Go to Settings->"Import Content Into This Course"
7. Under Import Content->Content Type, select "QTI .zip file".
8. Complete the import process.

Please note: QTI files saved with the IMS QTI personality do not have Canvas-specific XML where questions may not import into a Canvas course as expected.