Error codes: -7, -21, -101, -105, -106 , -111, -118 and similar 0-199 codes.
Posted by Respondus Support

The error codes typically indicate a problem with the network, not with LockDown Browser. They will often be accompanied by a message that says _"Failed to load page. Please check network connection."_

If the student receives any of these errors, we suggest that they use a different network to take the exam.

Error codes in the 0-99 range are "System related errors" including:

* An operation timed out. (-7)
* The network changed. (-21)

Error codes in 100-199 range are "Connection related errors" that indicate a network problem including:

* A connection was reset (-101)
* The host name could not be resolved. (-105)
* The Internet connection has been lost. (-106)
* The proxy requested authentication (for tunnel establishment) with an unsupported method. (-111)
* A connection attempt timed out. (-118)

If the deadline for an exam is near, the student should consider locating another computer, Windows or Mac, with LockDown Browser on an alternative network. There is also LockDown Browser for iPad, if allowed by the instructor.