How can international characters be entered into Respondus 4?
Posted by Respondus Support

Respondus 4 supports the primary ISO characters (1-255), which means that it supports most "roman characters" and makes it possible to create exams in Spanish, French, German, etc. The latest versions of Respondus 4.0 provides support for the Unicode UTF-8 characters including multiple byte characters like those used in Asian, Arabic and Cyrillic languages.

There are few ways to get international characters to display in Respondus 4. The first is to copy-and-paste the desired characters from a program like MS Word 2003 or newer into the Respondus 4 editor . If Respondus 4 is able to retain the character after the question is saved to the file (NOT just by previewing the question during the editing stage), then Respondus 4 supports that particular character.

A MS Word .docx file with international characters following the Respondus Standard Format for Import, will correctly import and display the UTF-8 characters in the latest version of Respondus 4.

ISO characters (1-255) can also be entered directly. For example, if you already know the code for ã is 227, you would hold down the Alt key and enter 0227 using your numeric keypad (NOT the number keys across the top of your keyboard).