Are Chromebooks compatible with LockDown Browser?
Posted by Respondus Support

LockDown Browser for Chromebook uses a Chrome Extension that can only be run in kiosk mode. Google requires that all kiosk apps be managed via their Google Admin Suite (a license is required for this product), and so the LockDown Browser for Chromebook app cannot be made available to students for use on their personally owned devices.

LockDown Browser for Chromebook is available only to 1) K-12 or Higher Ed institutions that, 2) have purchased a LockDown Browser license, 3) use school-wide Google Admin Suite mobile device management for their Chromebooks, and 4) have an enterprise license of Canvas, Schoology, or Blackboard Learn.

If your institution meets all of the above requirements, then the LockDown Browser Chromebook app can be made available to your students. Otherwise, your students will need to use another compatible platform as listed here.
Please keep in mind that Respondus Monitor is not available for use with our Chromebook kiosk mode app.


How LockDown Browser for Chromebook is started on the device

LockDown Browser uses a Chrome Extension that can only be run in kiosk mode. Instructions for deploying the Chromebook edition of LockDown Browser are available from the administrator area of 

Once the LockDown Browser app is installed, a student can launch it by selecting “LockDown Browser” from the “Apps” link located on the login screen.

If this is the first time LockDown Browser has been run on the device, the user will be prompted to enter their institution name, and then select it from the list shown.

This is a one-time process; on subsequent exams, users won’t be required to select their institution.

Note that LockDown Browser is also available for Windows (version 7 -10), Mac (OS X 10.12 Sierra and higher), and iPad tablets (iOS 7+).