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Where are the LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor settings in D2L Brightspace?

The location of the LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor settings in D2L Brightspace will depend on how your institution has set things up.

If the recommended integration method is used, an instructor will locate the LockDown Browser settings in D2L Brightspace by going to Quizzes and selecting the tab “LockDown Browser”. The “LockDown Browser Dashboard” is then displayed and the settings for LockDown Browser (and Respondus Monitor, if enabled) will be available. For complete details, see the Instructor Guide at

However, if the LockDown Browser settings aren’t available as described above, your institution may be employing one of two older integration methods, depending on your version of Brightspace. (Both of these integration methods are being phased out as institutions update to D2L Brightspace 10.5.1+).

1) A “widget” for accessing the LockDown Browser Dashboard may be located within the course. The location of the widget can differ, so contact your institution’s D2L Brightspace administrator to determine its location.


2) The LockDown Browser settings may be located within D2L Brightspace's Quizzes > Restrictions tab. These settings are greatly abridged and exclude numerous LockDown Browser features (e.g. JAWS and accessibility support, the ability to exit the browser in an emergency, support for Respondus Monitor, support for iPads, etc.). More information can be found in the instructor guide at