How do I convert an exam/file from one learning management system to another?
Posted by Respondus Support

1) In Respondus 4.0, click on the "Current Personality" field and select the LMS personality that your file is currently save under.

2) Select the "Retrieval" tab in Respondus, select "Retrieve Questions", and then retrieve the desired exam(s) from your LMS. Save the file in Respondus 4.0.

3) Return to the "Start" tab in Respondus 4.0 and switch to the new LMS personality you want to save the file under. You will be told that the original file was created in a different Respondus personality; you may need to respond to additional prompts regarding the conversion.

4) Once the exam has been converted, it is now possible to publish it to the new target LMS (go to the "Preview & Publish" tab in Respondus 4.0 to accomplish this).

To view a demo movie on this topic, go to: