Unable to create new document in Respondus 4.0.
Posted by Respondus Support

When the warning "Unable to create new document" or "{file_name} was not found" appears, it is a good indication of a permissions issue or security setting with the Respondus Projects folder, which contains all user files including Respondus question files along with other supporting user files. In most cases, the Respondus Projects folder was installed in a location where the Windows User account does not have the necessary access to the folder when using Respondus 4.0.

Please note network folders and "cloud drives" are not supported with Respondus 4.0. This includes Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud Drive and similar "cloud" services.

The warning can be avoided by relocating the Respondus Project folder to a location on the local system where the Windows user has full read/write permission to access the folder.

1. Close Respondus 4.0

2. Open Windows Explorer

3. Locate the Respondus Projects folder. By default it will be "Respondus Projects" but may have been given a different name. A valid Respondus Projects folder will also contain several user files including the Respondus .rsp project files, the spell checker files (.tlx, .clx) and settings files (.set).

4. Copy or move the folder to the Windows user's "My Documents" folder on a local drive. (Do not create a blank Respondus Projects folder.)

5. Start Respondus 4.0

6. Go to Respondus->File->Preferences->General tab, click on the "Update" button and navigate to the new location of the Respondus Projects folder in the user's My Documents folder on the local drive.

The alternative is to re-install Respondus 4 and specify the user's "C:\Users\{username}\Documents\" for the location of the Respondus Projects folder.