Knowledgebase: Respondus 4.0
When attempting to publish via Respondus 4.0 (Blackboard personality selected) the "My Courses" tab says there are too many courses to display
Posted by Respondus Support

For many Blackboard web services such as course retrieval, Respondus needs to do browser emulation. A missing "My Courses" block in the Blackboard home page, a very large number of courses listed in the My Courses block, or course names have been flagged as "hidden", will all cause issues with Respondus retrieving the course listing from Blackboard Learn.

One suggestion is to log into Blackboard Learn, select the "Settings" (gear in upper right corner) and verify the "Course Name" and "Course ID" are checked for the courses you want to see.

If you still have issues with retrieving the full course list, we recommend either reducing the number of course enrolments to only active and future courses. Or, create another instructor account with a small number of course enrollments.

As an alternative, you can go to Respondus->Preview & Publish->Publish to Blackboard->Publish Wizard->"Save pool to local file for manual upload"->"Test with points". Once the file is saved to the local drive, close Respondus 4.0, open a web browser to manually upload the file into the Blackboard course.

There was also a known issue in the latest versions of Blackboard Learn only displaying the first 99 courses in the My Courses block. You can reference the Blackboard Support article, "My Courses will Only Show First 99 Alphabetically Listed Courses on the Edit Course List, Article No.: 000034627".

If this is the case for your institution, and an upgrade can't be done soon, the best suggestion is to reduce the number of enrollments or use a second instructor account with fewer course enrollments, under 100 courses.