Errors appear next to the quiz name in the LockDown Browser Dashboard with "Fix It" as an option
Posted by Respondus Support

Under D2L Brightspace, "Fix it" errors can occur for quizzes if you have the LockDown Browser Dashboard external tool widget installed and configured, but then opt to toggle the LockDown Browser requirement on/off via the native "legacy" quiz settings instead. Those settings are found on the restrictions tab in the quiz settings, you'll see:

Security Options
Respondus LockDown Browser
__ Required to take this quizGet help on - Required to take this quiz
__ Required to view quiz feedback and resultsGet help on - Required to view quiz feedback and results

Fix it errors can also occur if you copy a course that has the legacy settings enabled (as shown above) then implement the LockDown Browser Dashboard for that course. The first time you launch the LockDown Browser Dashboard, you'll likely see "Fix it" errors due to the quiz titles needing to have our title decoration added (- requires Respondus LockDown Browser). Clicking on the "Fix it" button will resolve the problem.

Under Blackboard, these errors can result if changes are made to any of the following settings in Test Options:

1) Name

2) Open Test in a New Window

3) Require a password

4) Password