LockDown Browser adds a password to exams in Blackboard.
Posted by Respondus Support

In Blackboard, LockDown Browser uses the test password functionality to ensure that students are using the LockDown Browser to access the test. When a test is configured to use LockDown Browser, a random password is added under the Blackboard test settings. This internal password is not something the students will need to enter, but rather is used by LockDown Browser to force the LockDown Browser requirement for the exam.

The instructor should NOT delete this password once the test has been designated as a LockDown Browser test. If they do, the student will receive a warning message and the test will display a "Fix It" indicator on the Respondus Dashboard. Clicking "fix it" will restore the password in the Blackboard quiz settings.

The instructor should also never provide this password to students.

When a student accesses the test with LockDown Browser, the password is automatically entered. If the student cannot navigate past the password screen, and the password field is blank, it is a good indication that they are trying to access the test with a standard browser instead of LockDown Browser, or that they are using a notification shortcut to go straight to the test instead of navigating to the course and starting the test from the normal location.

If the instructor would like to require students to enter a password to access an exam, this can be set in the LockDown Browser Dashboard > Settings > Password to access exam (optional).