Knowledgebase: Respondus Monitor
If the Internet connection is lost during an exam, how does that affect the video?
Posted by Respondus Support

If the Internet (or wi-fi) connection is lost for an extended period of time, the student won’t be able to continue with the exam, just as if they were only using LockDown Browser. They would need to restart the browser and attempt the exam again.

However, if disconnections to the Internet are brief, Respondus Monitor will attempt to re-establish the connection every 5 seconds. If the Internet connection is re-established, the video for that portion of time will be missing in the video review. The instructor will see an automated note in the “Comments” section indicating that a break occurred in the video (a thumbnail will indicate where the break occurred). Students will likely be unaware of a brief interruption because the webcam will automatically re-establish the connection once the Internet connection is restored.