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Does any other software need to be installed to use the webcam with LockDown Browser?
Posted by Respondus Support

The webcam features used by Respondus Monitor are built into LockDown Browser, so no other Respondus software needs to be installed.

We bundle Adobe's Flash Installer with LockDown Browser (Windows) because Flash is needed for Respondus Monitor. The version of Flash we include is not always the latest available, as Flash updates are frequent. 

If necessary, Windows users can download the most currently available version of the PPAPI Flash plugin here:

As shown in the screenprint below, you should:

* select your operating system
* choose ""FPnn for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI"  (where nn=the current version number of the Flash plugin.)

ppapi plugin page

Mac users should use only the Safari browser to download the most current version of the Flash PPAPI plugin from here: