Moving Respondus 4 Files into Folders
Posted by Respondus Support

We recommend opening the file in Respondus 4 then going to File->Save As... and add a new folder before saving the Respondus 4 file in the new folder. Once saved in the folder, you can delete the original Respondus 4 file.

There is another option using Windows Explorer if you are comfortable moving Respondus 4 folders around with the understanding that care must be used to avoid breaking the folder structure.

First as background, all Respondus 4 user files are stored in a single "Respondus Projects" folder including individual Respondus 4 projects, server settings and the spell checker dictionaries. Each Respondus 4 "file" is actually a "project" consisting of a Respondus 4 .rsp file inside a folder of the same name as the Respondus 4 file along with any supporting media files. As an example, the sample "World History" file is actually "Word History.rsp" inside the "Word History" folder inside the Respondus Projects folder.

1. Close Respondus 4.0
2. Make a backup of the Respondus Projects folder. Make a second backup to another drive or location.
3. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Respondus Projects folder.
4. Create a new folder such as "My Test Bank"
5. Move or "drag-n-drop" the individual project folders into your new folder. Be sure as you move an individual project folder that the .rsp file and other supporting files stay inside the project folder.

The next time you start Respondus 4 and go to Start->Open, you will see your new folder "My Test Bank" and when you navigate to the new folder, you will see the Respondus 4 files display the same way before you moved the folders.