How do I use a test bank with Respondus LE?
Posted by Respondus Support

Within 1-3 business days of requesting access to the test bank through our website, the publisher will email you instructions for downloading the test bank. Be sure to scroll down to the section that applies to Respondus LE.

  • Once the test bank has been requested from the publisher, and a File Code and password received, open Respondus LE
  • From the Start menu, click Open and click on Download a Test Bank
  • Enter the File Code and Password provided by the publisher, along with some additional information
  • Once the test bank has been downloaded, open the Projects folder, select the test bank, and select the chapter or file to be used
  • The file will open in the Edit tab, where items can be reviewed or edited in Respondus LE.

Additional information can be found in the Respondus LE Quick Start Guide.