Is there a limit to the number of questions Respondus can publish?
Posted by Respondus Support

While Respondus 4.0 has been tested to manage files containing upwards of 2000 questions, there are often server time-out issues when attempting to upload files with a very large number of questions. This is not specifically a Respondus issue as the problem can often be duplicated when using a web browser outside of Respondus, to import files with a very large number of questions into the LMS (Bb Learn Pool Files, D2L QTI files, Moodle XML files).

It will also vary depending on the server environment. Some faculty have been successful uploading a large number of questions into their institution's LMS server while faculty at other institutions run into timeout errors even with the same versions of the LMS.

The instructor should use the Respondus Exam Wizard to split the large "mega-question" file into several smaller files, publish the smaller files to a course and merge the smaller sets of questions into a single exam inside the course.

The instructor should also be aware that the same server time-out issues will likely occur when using Respondus->Retrieval-> Retrieve Questions.