I cannot begin the test because of a “password not accepted error” (Blackboard Learn)
Posted by Respondus Support

For Blackboard Learn and the latest version of LockDown Browser, an "Exam password" page will only appear if the instructor set up a test with password, otherwise the test will start without any additional dialog boxes.

For older versions of Blackboard Learn and LockDown Browser, a small grey pop-up dialog box might appear asking whether the instructor has required a password for the test. If a test password (such as the word, “apple”) is required by the instructor to start the test, select Yes, enter the password, and click Continue. If the instructor did not set up the test with a password, No should be selected. Click the Continue button and LockDown Browser will fill in the password field on the Blackboard server page.

Symptom: The Blackboard Learn displays the Blackboard test password page again with “Invalid Password”
Solution: Verify the test requires LockDown Browser and you are not trying to start a LockDown Browser-required test with a standard browser. If you still get the Invalid Password message you will need to contact your instructor.