I am unable to login to the course with my username and password
Posted by Respondus Support

Symptom: When LockDown Browser is opened, a server login page is displayed but it does not accept a user name and password.

Solution 1: Make sure LockDown Browser was installed using the link intended for your institution. If you found the LockDown Browser installation link using a search engine, the version you installed won’t work with your server. If you are presented with a list of server names when you start LockDown Browser, such as “Blackboard @ MySchool” and “Moodle @ OtherSchool” make sure you select the correct server (ask your instructor or local support staff if you are not sure).

Solution 2: Make sure that your username and password are valid. You can test this by logging into your course using a typical browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.  If you are not able to log in with a typical browser, contact your institution’s helpdesk for assistance.